The topic:

Let's talk about revenue

  • Digital sales are becoming increasingly important and are also feasible for you!
  • Digital process flows in relation to sales simplify business life!
  • Knowing, controlling and developing the buying behaviour of customers is crucial for the future turnover of companies today, before someone else does it!

The situation:

Which very often stands in the way of digital transformation in companies (SMEs)

Very often, normal day-to-day business ties up resources and prevents the completion of the digital transformation in digital sales.

Far too often, we find mostly fragmentary, non-targeted digital structures (websites that are not managed, webshops that are not continuously updated technically, abandoned attempts to “do something” in social media). These attempts to establish themselves in the digital world often did not get beyond the start-up phase because they could not be played with consistently, as there was no plan.

Very often, the strategic approach was also wrong from the start because digital sales were handled half-heartedly either by the company itself or by different service providers. Current expertise for the orientation is usually missing.

Our system

for more income:

  • Develop and improve digital sales/monetisation
  • Optimise digital organisational processes
  • Get to know, analyse, control, supply and expand customers digitally

In the mpa international system, the previously fragmented digital structures are merged into one solution.

In cooperation with us, create your entrepreneurial digital twin for sustainable additional sales.

Discover new services and business models, optimise your digital processes and get to know and manage your existing and new customers.

To make this possible, we bundle your new digital sales in a strategy-based way and provide it with everything that a good digital additional sale needs. Here, the use of apps to increase sales and monetisation is a logical and very interesting alternative to previous static web systems. What is important is the support, because this effort is really useful not only from the start, but continuously.

By continuously analysing and adapting to the current circumstances, maximise the revenue from digital businesses, develop new business models through continuing activities and lead the company to a better positioning overall.

The process

How it works:

The digital twin of the company is created by merging previously fragmented structures that have already been started and building new, meaningful solutions that are based on strategic orientations for sales.

With the concentration on sales, a new day-to-day business with a completely different dynamic is created. To get started, we have developed an extremely simple, reliable system that is workable for both parties. This consists of a setup that is yet to be determined and shares from the resulting sales that are to be agreed. So everything stays simple and comprehensible.

Market Potential Analysis

We get to know each other through a project application. Everything starts with a market potential analysis, in which the project applications are subjected to a detailed analysis. This is how we identify whether they are suitable for our involvement.

Turnover, margins, competitors, operating processes, company size, market potential, but also regional importance are factors we pay attention to, as well as customer relations.


Success needs a plan
The strategies and solutions are designed to be sustainable, medium-term and dynamic. Every company is different, every solution is different.

Here, the strategies that make sense to increase earnings are bundled: digital sales, digital process flows and also the analysis of the customer structure.

The result is… the plan! This consists of the strategic orientation and the campaign plan to be applied.


The creation of what is necessary
The measures needed for a successful digital presence are derived from the strategies and the campaign plan. This includes specific content that is tailored to the analysed distribution channels. Whether shop, app or content or functions that do not yet exist: In the setup, that, and only that, is realised which is really necessary for optimising the yield. A completely digital, documented overall system.


Success with a system
All content assets (text content, clips, key visuals, ad assets, etc.) are created and tested in the campaigns. Payment systems and required infrastructures (booking tools, web shop elements, additional functions) are also created and tested or optimised.

Launch of Campaigns

Now we can see how the digital market is reacting.
When launching a digital advertising campaign, the platforms’ algorithms go through two main phases:

  1. Learning phase:
    Here, the algorithms test different ad variations and collect data on their success. They “learn” what works best.
  2. Optimisation phase:
    With the collected data, the ads are better placed and targeted to make the best use of the budget.

These phases take time. In the beginning, results may vary, but after a certain amount of time, the campaigns are optimised. The digital market is dynamic, so campaign properties adapt and react accordingly.

Continuous Monitoring

Always keep an eye on everything
In addition to the automatic learning phase of the algorithms, it is also important to closely observe and interpret the campaign key figures and target group signals. Because the internet is in constant motion. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on every movement and trend for permanent success.

Are changes seasonal or even weather-related? Why do certain channels, keywords, contents, presentations and statements perform better? What factors on the company side lead to purchase cancellations?

A timely update is provided to the company and ongoing campaign support for active intervention.

Check & Adapt

What is good today must be (differently) good tomorrow.
An international team of specialists is working on ways to react to changes and optimise potential as quickly as possible. Information from monitoring is analysed and directly transformed into practicable solutions and strategy adjustments.

Campaign support reacts continuously and quickly with the provision and implementation of adapted campaign content, reallocation of budgets or adaptation of content. Permanent improvements and adjustments always ensure up-to-date results, maximum sales and higher customer satisfaction.

Brains & Muscles

Merging of different disciplines into one system

Our group of companies combines more than 4,000 successful sales projects and a growing network of agencies, IT companies and programmers that are helpful for sales. The synergy of these different disciplines in the comprehensive field of online marketing will give your campaigns the boost they need.

The strategic intelligence enables you to target your marketing activities, while the technical expertise ensures that high-quality content and effective marketing measures are generated. This combination guarantees the success of your online presence and the expansion of your market position. Trust our experience and expertise to help you realise the full potential of your digital business.


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